Friday, May 9, 2014

Sewing for Cancer and Fun!!!!

We are in stitches at the Mountain Folk Center. Teresa Goley. Family and Consumer Sciences agent for North Carolina Cooperative Extension has been working with young and old teaching sewing skills.
With Christina Rogers, it was a joy to take a seven-year-old mind and watch the love for sewing sprout with each project that she undertook. Her older sister Autumn, who began sewing with Cooperative Extension when she was about the same age as Christina, inspired Christina. In fact, Christina showed up for class one day wearing an adorable little tunic with her jeans and cowgirl boots. The tunic was one of the first projects that Autumn completed with Cooperative Extension Sewing program. Christina loved the hand-me-down and was convinced that she, too, could sew the same as her older sister. Christina’s first garment was a cute little spring skirt made of purple taffeta with a lace overlay. Christina’s mother, Brandi Rogers, stated that she was having a difficult time getting Christina out of the skirt long enough to even get it laundered! Christina’s latest project is making colorful pillowcases for children with cancer. She has enlisted the help of all the other young sewers in the Sewing and Sew On 4-H youth program to complete a bundle of pillowcases for children with cancer. Christina plans to present her project to adult women volunteer groups, Extension and Community Association Clubs, in Cherokee County.  Then Christina plans to research regional hospitals with pediatric oncology and ask if she can deliver the pillowcases to young cancer victims.

It is not only the young sewers getting experience. Teresa Goley’s mother, Marie Lowe, recently participated in the Sewing and Sew On Adult program while visiting in Murphy.  While Mrs. Lowe has years of sewing experience herself, she has not been actively sewing for a number of years. In one of the classes, she completed a pair of summer knit pajamas. You could just see the spark re-ignite as she completed her pajamas in one class session. At 86 years young, Mrs. Lowe decided that “she wasn’t too old after old after all” to jump back into a favorite pastime.

Photo 1 – Christina Rogers with pillow case project.

 Photo 2- Marie Lowe starting pajamas.

Photo 3 - Marie Lowe with finished project!


Monday, April 21, 2014

4-H Sewing Group Makes Pillow Cases for "ConKerr Cancer"

sewinggirls The young sewers in the Cooperative Extension program, “Sewing and So-On” are gearing up for their 4-H District Activity Day to be held in May. One of the selected projects is working with a non-profit organization called “ConKerr Cancer.”  This group sews colorful pillowcases to give to children who have cancer. The young girls in Sewing and So-On will be making pillowcases and coordinating the help of other Extension volunteers in order to donate a generous amount of pillowcases to this wonderful cause.  The pillowcases will be delivered to a drop off site in Franklin, North Carolina.
 This group of girls has been learning basic sewing skills since August of 2013. They meet for two hours each week at the Mountain Folk Center in Ranger. During this past year, they have made an envelope pillow, a bookbag, Halloween masks and several of the girls even made a great spring skirt. In addition to learning to operate a basic home sewing machine, they have also learned to operate a serger with direct supervision.
Grace Henderson
Autumn Rogers
Christina Rogers
 These young sewers range in ages 5 to 13.  

Thursday, February 6, 2014

We just finished up little Joylin's skirt this week.  Here is little miss Joylin Lescalleet modeling her skirt.
Joylin was so pleased with her first skirt.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Finishing Up 2013 With a Needle and Thread!

Cooperative Extension and the local Home Schooled students just completed their semester of Sewing and So-On 4H Youth. They learned many basic sewing skills in addition to the proper operation of a home sewing machine! Their projects have been highlighted on this blog. The last week was used making Christmas gifts. A fun little alligator sewing kit was completed- complete with the googly eyes! This was a perfect little gift for a teacher or someone who could use a little travel sized sewing kit. You never know when a little safety pin or a needle and thread will prove to be be very handy!
We are looking forward to the new year and learning more about the fun world of sewing!
Learning to use a commercial pattern will be the first order of business in the new year. We will choose a quick and easy pattern which will enable the students to finish their garment before they outgrow it!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Fun on Halloween!

 Emilie Taylor busy cutting out the scar....

... for her choice - FRANKENSTEIN!
Goley's Gouls had a great class on October 31st, Halloween, making their masks!
They cut, sewed, and embellished their mask for Goley's Gouls!
Who knew they could be such cute gouls!!

Christina Rogers probably chose the most challenging of all masks,
the Christina monkey!

Maddie Noland and Autumn Rogers busy working on their Pig masks complete with tails and Bling!

a very cute bat with embelishments!

Mylie Sparks opted for being....

Gates and Liam Jones busy at work cutting out their masks!
Gates decided to be a cool cat!
And Liam was such a great parrot!

Juliana Aiken also chose to be a sneaky little cat!

All of Goley's Gouls did a fantastic job celebrating Halloween and showing off their sewing skills as well!
Well done!

Next posting - Book bags!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Projects Being Completed at Sewing and Sew-On Class!

Participants in the 4-H "Sewing and Sew-On" class are working on several fun projects.  The girls pictured here (Julianna Aiken and Miley Sparks) are showing off their pillows they just completed.  Next, the class of eleven will be finishing up their backpacks and then working on their "Goley Gouls", which will be fun masks.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Sewing and So-On Youth!

These enthusiastic sewers just completed their envelope pillowcase!
This will be used with their pillow form completed earlier. Skills learned included buttons, buttons-holes, serging, and machine operation!
Pictured left to right back row: Autumn Rogers, Maddie Noland, Gates and Liam Jones, and Sarah Crist.
Front Row: Christina Rogers and Emily Taylor.

Check back on Halloween to see Goley’s Gouls! Fun masks that all will make with their sewing machine!