Friday, November 1, 2013

Fun on Halloween!

 Emilie Taylor busy cutting out the scar....

... for her choice - FRANKENSTEIN!
Goley's Gouls had a great class on October 31st, Halloween, making their masks!
They cut, sewed, and embellished their mask for Goley's Gouls!
Who knew they could be such cute gouls!!

Christina Rogers probably chose the most challenging of all masks,
the Christina monkey!

Maddie Noland and Autumn Rogers busy working on their Pig masks complete with tails and Bling!

a very cute bat with embelishments!

Mylie Sparks opted for being....

Gates and Liam Jones busy at work cutting out their masks!
Gates decided to be a cool cat!
And Liam was such a great parrot!

Juliana Aiken also chose to be a sneaky little cat!

All of Goley's Gouls did a fantastic job celebrating Halloween and showing off their sewing skills as well!
Well done!

Next posting - Book bags!

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